The congregation was founded in 1900 as First Church of God and is affiliated with the Church of God Reformation Movement based in Anderson, Indiana.

Around 1894, Susan Mallicoat received a copy of "The Gospel Trumpet", a circular that was published by a group of loosely associated congregations soon to be based in Anderson, Indiana. Ms. Mallicoat was inspired by its message of a holy life lived in unity with all born again believers in Jesus Christ. She passed the circular around to friends and family who eventually started meeting together and studying scripture in homes and school buildings.

The group was blessed by the teaching of several traveling evangelists from the Church of God Reformation Movement. By 1900 the congregation was chartered and recognized as a congregation in fellowship with the General Assembly of the Church of God Reformation Movement. Over the next 10 years the church grew in numbers and ministry. In 1910, the congregation called its first full-time pastor - the Reverend James Clemens. Pastor Clemens led the congregation for nearly 20 years.

Around 1931 the congregation purchased land on the corner of Third and Mineral Streets in DeSoto, Missouri. By 1941 construction began on a basement structure to be used for worship and Sunday School. The building was dedicated on May 7, 1944. 

By January 1967, a sanctuary and educational wing had been added to the basement structure. A remodeling effort was undertaken by the congregation in October 1971. The current configuration of the sanctuary and educational wing was dedicated on March 19, 1972. Other expansion, including additional parking and a gymnasium, has been added subsequent to that time. The congregation has also purchased approximately 10 acres of land on Boyd Street in De Soto. The dream is to eventually build a new facility at that location.

In January of 2008 the name of the congregation was changed to DeSoto Community Church of God.