What to Expect on Your First Visit:

Visiting a new congregation can be confusing and sometimes stressful. The information listed below should help with some frequently asked questions.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: Short answer - No. However, with that said, most people understand that in coming to a worship service they should dress in a modest way that honors God. That varies from suits to jeans, dresses to slacks. The goal is worship!

Q: Am I expected to give during the offering time?

A: The offering time is primarily a time for those who consider this congregation their home church to worship God with the giving of their tithes and offerings. Visitors are welcome to give an offering but are never compelled to give.

Q: How long are regular worship services?

A: Most services are about 60-70 minutes. However, there is always allowance for more time as God works and moves in the corporate worship experience.

Q: Where will I park? How do I access the building?

A: See the site map showing parking and entrance information.

Q: Are there programs available for kids? Is there a staffed nursery?

A: Yes to both questions! See the schedule of services and ministries on the HOME page.

Q: How accessible is the facility for people with special needs?

A: There is a lift chair at the main sanctuary entrance. There is ground level entrance to the Fellowship Hall/Gymnasium.

Q: What kind of music style is used in the services?

A: A variety of music types and styles are used. The primary goal with music as well as all aspects of worship is to honor God. There is a worship team and musicians using a variety of instruments. The goal is to have participation from everyone.